Mahjong JoE

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Mahjong Journey of Enlightenment

The goal of Mahjong: JoE is to play through 6 rounds (tile layouts), each new round is harder than the last.

Embark on a new mahjong journey in this remarkable twist on a classic game. Featuring an "Adventure mode" and the all-new "Free-Play mode", plus over 1,000 hidden items to find! Can you unlock all the items and complete the journey?

It's not all that easy though, you will be racing against the clock which constantly counts down to 0. Every tile matched will earn you extra time, the higher you score the more time and bonuses you receive. So you must play both quickly and wisely! Any extra time you have remaining at the end of a round is halved and carried forward to the next, which is essential as the later rounds start with very little time.

As well as having random tile layouts, some round will choose random tile sets, lighting modes, backgrounds and music, so your journey will never be the same twice.

Advantages of the full version: Mahjong JoE

  • Over 1,050 secret items to be found, including 1,000+ layouts!
  • New "Free-Play" mode lets you play all the items you unlock.
  • Challenging gameplay; race against the clock to win.
  • Hundreds of hidden tilesets, backgrounds, layouts and more.
  • Beautiful graphics and special effects.

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