Word Krispies

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Word Krispies

It’s a race against cereal! Your favourite necklace has fallen into a cereal box while you were visiting one of the production lines! Follow the delivery truck and search each box sold by assembling cereals to make words!

Imagine a huge bowl of milk filled with letter shaped cereal floating at the surface. It’s up to you to assemble them in the right order to form words and see your progression bar go up until you hit the next level!
Ornamented with marshmallow bites, which once they are grouped by colour will make you win more points, or if they are accompanied by fruits or vegetables, will enable you to win more bonuses, much faster. You will be needing all your grey matter until the cereal sink to the bottom of the bowl!

Advantages of the full version: Word Krispies

  • A « Classic » mode with no time limit, an « Action » mode to play against the clock.
  • Original and varied obstacles between each level.
  • 60 levels

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