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Experience a murder-mystery adventure in the style of hidden object games by assuming the role of Derrick, the TV police inspector popular all over the world. Then solve a tough homicide case with lots of suspects!

Alois Huber, a lawyer, is strangled early in the morning in his own villa garden. In the course of their investigation Detective Chief Inspector Stephan Derrick and his partner, Harry Klein, are rapidly confronted with dark shadows behind an idyllic, well-to-do lifestyle. Was an embittered dispute with neighbours the lawyer’s undoing?

And what connections did the victim have to the shady OLGA Bar? The resulting web of intrigue and crime whose threads converge in Alois Huber’s murder forces Derrick and Harry to put their powers of deduction to the test and draw on all the razor-sharp reasoning they can muster...

Slip into the role of the legendary detective duo Stephan Derrick and Harry Klein and get to the bottom of this case!

Advantages of the full version: Derrick

  • Investigate using the original characters from the TV series
  • Mini-games and puzzles provide plenty of variety
  • Simple game control suitable for beginners, too

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